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The Importance of Employee Training: Hands-On Experience vs. Advanced Skills

Advanced skills are not necessary to penetrate totally woeful security arrangements. Many government contractors, military and intelligence agencies and other companies are not eyeing people with cybersecurity degrees. Rather, hands-on work experience is becoming increasingly valuable within the computer profession. They first identify people with natural ability and related technical skills, and then introduce them […]

What Small and Medium-Size Businesses Can Do To Recover from Cybercrime

We found Bloomberg BNA’s recent interview with Patrick Fraioli, partner and chairman of the Data Privacy & Security Workgroup at Ervin, Cohen & Jessup LLP, quite insightful. The overarching theme of Mr. Fraioli’s interview is that small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) are feeling the greatest impact from cybercrime. As Sequel has said before, and as […]

Network Access Responsible for 58% of Insider Theft of Trade Secrets, Study Finds

The theft of intellectual property and particularly of trade secrets has become an area of increasing concern among businesses in the past decade. In part, this appears to be due to the relative ease with which such information can be stolen over legitimate network access links. A study by the Insider Threat Lab of the […]