Sequel’s legal practice addresses issues essential to the success of 21st-century companies:

  • Privacy & Data Protection
  • Trademark, Copyright & Licensing
  • IT, Internet & Mobile
  • Health
  • Drug & Device
  • Corporate

We combine experience and know-how with the latest developments in research, emerging technology, and professional relationships to deliver cost-conscious, practical answers to new and complex legal problems.

Founded in 2008, Sequel has carefully expanded, developing a well-rounded team of motivated and talented professionals. Our firm’s name reflects our attorneys’ deliberate choices to leave behind prior successful careers at nationally recognized law firms and join a highly focused firm with innovation at its core.

We share the vision that law firms can and should provide effective legal counsel as efficiently as possible—saving clients both time and money. It is a business-oriented approach, focused on getting matters done and protecting our clients’ bottom line.

From the very beginning, we have distinguished ourselves by becoming a vital, strategic advisor to our clients. We are a member of their team, drawing upon our experience in specific practice areas to develop solutions that are proactive, innovative, and practical in real-world business contexts.

Most of all, we are quick-thinking and resourceful in the pursuit of our clients’ interests.

Our test is always this: Are we providing enough value to our clients to warrant the fees? One way we measure it is through our participation in the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Value Challenge. In fact, the ACC Value Challenge reinforces the standards of quality and service that Sequel has followed from the very beginning.

The ACC Value Challenge is an initiative to reconnect the value and the cost of legal services. Our participation in this initiative allows us to collaborate with companies and develop ways that enhance the value of their legal spending. It entails a mutual commitment from our people and our clients to operate in a manner that promotes and rewards service excellence.

The ACC principles become part of the commitment we make to you in our terms of contract.

Bottom line, we understand the implications that legal matters have on businesses financially. We know that the traditional hourly law firm model is often not the best approach for our clients. At Sequel, we often work under fixed-fee billing arrangements—and we have found that many of our clients prefer it, too. Foregoing the traditional hourly billing model allows us to focus on doing whatever it takes to complete our clients’ work. If it takes longer than anticipated, the cost to our clients does not increase. It is a model that allows clients to budget their legal spending with greater predictability and control overall costs. While many of Sequel’s standard services are offered on a fixed-fee basis, our billing strategies are very flexible. We structure payment plans that work best for our clients—whether that means fixed-fee, monthly installments or, yes, even an hourly rate for those clients who prefer it.

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