Sequel attorneys employ their knowledge and experience in health law to equip our firm’s corporate and professional clients to operate legally, ethically, and efficiently. We offer both general business counsel and compliance services to help clients manage risk, implement best practices, and take preemptive action to avert criminal and civil liability.

Our attorneys are experienced in representing the following types of healthcare organizations and service providers:

  • Addiction treatment providers
    • Office-based opioid treatment
    • Outpatient
    • Residential
  • Chiropractic practices
  • Clinical laboratories
    • Independent laboratories
    • Physician-owned laboratories
  • Controlled medication prescribers
  • Eating disorder clinics
  • Healthcare management companies
  • Healthcare marketing companies
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Medical expert witnesses
  • Medical researchers
  • Not-for-profit organizations
    • Healthcare reform
    • Opioid and other drug abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment
    • Patient advocacy
    • Patient assistance
    • Women’s health
  • Pain clinics
  • Recovery residences (sober homes)
  • Therapeutic schools and programs
  • Wellness service providers