Safe Harbor Exceptions Not Always Iron-Clad, Court Rules in Vimeo Case

A Federal judge’s ruling in a big copyright lawsuit this week should serve as a reminder to everyone involved in copyright litigation: don’t give up merely because a safe harbor exception seems to be in play. Several big record labels brought a suit against Vimeo, a user-generated content video web site, charging it had infringed […]

CFOs Urged to Be More Vigilant Monitoring Topline IP Theft: $300 Billion Lost This Year

The list of proprietary and intellectual property stolen from Corporate America has grown rapidly in size and impact over the last five years. Company CFOs need to become more vigilant about the theft of intellectual property and proprietary information the value of which doesn’t always appear on the balance sheet, according to this article on […]

Facebook “Like” is Constitutionally Protected Speech

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the simple act of clicking the “Like” button on a Facebook page is Constitutionally protected speech. Ruling on Bland v. Roberts, the Appellate judges overturned a district court ruling that found the mere act of Liking a Facebook page was not “speaking out” in an expressive […]

Chaos Reigns as Software Patents Take Another Body Blow in Federal Circuit

UPDATE DEC. 6,2013. The U.S. Supreme Court announced today it will review the case cited in this article. If you’re considering pursuing a patent for a software product, you might want to reconsider. The courts have made a seriously chaotic mess out of this subject in recent months, rendering the usefulness of such patents even […]