Verbal Confirmation: Protecting Yourself Against Sophisticated Cyberattacks

Small businesses and law firms are not immune to cyberattacks, which is why regularly evaluating network security and internal processes is critically important. Hackers now have the ability to pull together disparate pieces of information about you using computerized brute force attacks, which are essentially massive computers with pre-programmed algorithms trying every possible logical password. […]

If You’re Using Automatically Renewing Subscriptions, You Need to Follow These Cases

Companies that use automatically renewing subscription plans are coming under increasing scrutiny as a growing number of class action lawsuits is filed by consumers who claim they did not explicitly authorize the renewals. These cases are, for the moment at least, popping up primarily in California and Oregon which have particularly stringent laws governing such […]

The Children’s Online Protection Act Evolves

Even if website owners don’t think they need to be concerned about the amendments to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), the new regulations may prove otherwise.  As indicated by the FTC, the final amendments are as follows: • modify the list of “personal information”  that cannot be collected without parental notice and consent, […]