New gTLD Developments

Prioritization Draw Because of the huge number of applications submitted for the first round of new gTLDs and internationalized domain names (“IDNs”), the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) held a “Prioritization Draw” on December 17 to randomly choose the order for the release of initial evaluation results of new applications. IDN applications […]

ICANN Takes Steps to Provide gTLD Owners With Added Protection

ICANN, the organization charged with overseeing various internet-related tasks, including the new global top-level domain name (gTLD) system, recently began implementing a “Proof of Use” verification process.  New gTLDs and their marks will be given protection through the Trademark Clearinghouse during its sunrise periods.  A sunrise period is a set amount of time where Clearinghouse […]

Nearly 2,000 Applications for New gTLDs

The world is going to get more complicated.  Instead of the Internet-universe mainly being defined by .com, net, and .org, potentially thousands of new top-level domains, known as TLDs, are going to be added.  The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) has posted information about applications to establish new TLDs. The $185,000 price […]

Domain Name Panel Rejects Arguments of Alleged Distributor

How does a brand owner successfully recover infringing domain names from someone claiming to be a former distributor? Instead of getting bogged down arguing about the particular terms of a distribution contract (or lack thereof), focus on the singular elements that are basic to a domain name dispute, namely “bad faith” registration and use of […]