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The EU-US “Privacy Shield” Is Not a Good Fit for Most U.S. Businesses

There was an almost audible sigh of relief upon the agreement of the new EU-US Privacy Shield framework. Reading the average press report one might mistakenly think that personally identifiable information can now flow between the EU and the US without further ado. The tap does not just turn on automatically, however.  Most US businesses […]

In Spite of the “Privacy Shield” U.S. Businesses Will Still Seek Data Protection Guidance

You will probably be seeing reports that the European Union (EU) & the United States (US) agreed on a new mechanism to replace the old Safe Harbor, effectively titled the “Privacy Shield.” The details are hazy and a formal written policy has not been released, but as far as I can glean, the new mechanism […]

Safe Harbor Exceptions Not Always Iron-Clad, Court Rules in Vimeo Case

A Federal judge’s ruling in a big copyright lawsuit this week should serve as a reminder to everyone involved in copyright litigation: don’t give up merely because a safe harbor exception seems to be in play. Several big record labels brought a suit against Vimeo, a user-generated content video web site, charging it had infringed […]