Barnes Updates Pain Care Professionals

On June 26, Michael C. Barnes, JD gave a webinar presentation alongside Wade Delk of the American Society for Pain Management Nursing (ASPMN). The presentation, entitled “2019 Pain Care Legislation and Public Policy,” was hosted by the Providers Clinical Support System (PCSS). The webinar analyzed how recent federal and state legislative and regulatory actions and proposals could affect the treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD) and pain management practices. Mr. Barnes discussed recent efforts by the DOJ to crack down on opioid prescribers and the impact of these actions on practitioners. He also highlighted the consequences of state efforts to decrease opioid prescribing on people with pain, particularly stemming from the 2016 Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guideline. Mr. Barnes discussed recent federal legislation and rules affecting patients with OUD, including the SUPPORT Act (2018) and the MAT Act (2019), as well as trends in telemedicine, warm handoffs, and court cases pertaining to these patients. To view the full presentation, click here.