The rapidly evolving medical standard of care and shifting legal, regulatory, and payment landscape create difficult challenges for health care organizations and providers, especially controlled medication prescribers, pain clinics, addiction treatment programs, and recovery residences. Experienced legal counsel can be the difference between success and failure in these fields.

  • Addressing the risks and needs of special populations
    • Incarcerated individuals
    • Persons with mental health or substance use disorders
    • Pregnant and nursing women
    • Older adults
  • Best practices development
  • Clinical policies and procedures
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Controlled medication storage, prescribing, dispensing, administration, disposal, and returns
  • Documentation of medical history, examinations, diagnoses, informed consent, and treatment
  • Drug testing policies (urine, blood serum, hair, oral fluid)
  • Licensing and accreditation
  • Mobile medical services
  • Practitioner and staff training
  • Standard of care analyses
  • Warm handoff program development and policies
  • Written treatment plans