Controlled Medications

We are a go-to firm on issues related to controlled prescription medications.

With the prevalence of drug diversion and substance misuse, and increasing rates of overdose, prescribers of controlled medications are subject to rapid legislative and regulatory change and intense scrutiny by law enforcement and licensing authorities.

Healthcare providers rely on us for our extensive understanding of the federal and state laws, regulations, and guidelines that influence their practices.

  • Analysis of opioid prescribing guidelines and limits on dose and duration
  • Best practices development
    • Adoption of abuse-deterrent and practitioner-administered opioids
    • Controlled medication storage, prescribing, dispensing, administration, disposal, and returns
    • Counseling patients on controlled-medication risks and safety
    • Diversion prevention
    • Drug abuse prevention, screening, interventions, referrals, and treatment
    • Increasing the level of care and supervision
    • Patient-prescriber responsibility forms
    • Pill counts
    • Prescription drug monitoring program use
    • Treatment planning and adjustments
  • Compliance program development
  • Counsel to office-based opioid treatment (OBOT or buprenorphine-treatment) programs and providers
  • Counsel to opioid treatment programs (OTPs or methadone clinics)
  • Drug testing policies (urine, serum, hair, oral fluid)
  • Medical record reviews
  • Mobile medical services
  • Obtaining and retaining controlled-substance registrations, OTP certifications, and DATA 2000 waivers
  • Patient admission and discharge policies
  • Prescriber and staff training
  • Standard of care analyses
  • Telemedicine
  • Warm handoff program development and policies